Luxafor Switch setup and use

Luxafor Switch Setup

Prior to using the Luxafor Switch device please make sure that both Switch Cube and Power Bank are fully charged.

The Luxafor Switch Cube will turn on immediately when the charging has begun. The level of battery power shows right after the device has been turned on (see “Reading the battery levels on the Switch Cube unit” below). You can use the Luxafor Switch Cube unit safely during the charging process - it will operate normally.

To know more about Power Bank charging please read "Luxafor Power Bank technical specifications and use"

  1. When the Power Bank unit and Switch Cube have both been fully charged, plug the Luxafor Dot unit into the Power Bank. 
  2. Remove the plastic from the double-sided tape that is on the magnet and attach the magnet to the surface on which you would like to place the Luxafor Dot with the Power Bank. (Bluetooth range without obstacles - 25 m (82 feet)). 
  3. Short press the button at the back of the Luxafor Switch Cube unit to turn on the device. 
  4. Switch Cube unit will then automatically create a connection with the closest Luxafor Dot unit (Red running pattern will be indicated). To connect Switch Cube to another Luxafor Dot unit, short press the button at the back of the Cube unit (Green running pattern will be indicated). 
  5. Switch the colors on the Dot unit remotely by placing the Switch Cube sideways.
  6. To turn the Switch Cube off, press and hold the button at the back. Release when Purple colour is indicated.

  NB! Please note that the Switch cube can make a connection with only one Dot at a time.

Luxafor Switch Use

As Luxafor Switch does not require software to be operated, the use is fairly simple - Switch Cube works as a remote control and the colours on both Cube and Dot are being changed by turning the Cube sideways. Each side of the Cube switches to a specific colour as shown below:

Reading the Battery Levels on the Switch Cube Unit

To read the battery level of the Switch Cube unit place it in a face-up position. The Cube will then illuminate in Cyan Blue colour, and the total amount of LEDs shining will indicate the approximate power level on the Switch Cube device. LEDs in the Cube are placed as shown in the following scheme:

  • The battery is fully charged when all 6 LEDs are shining.
  • The power level indicators will start to drop, starting from the LED No. 1 going clockwise.
  • Consequently, when the battery level is critically low, it will indicate only the LED No. 6 shining. Immediate charging is needed. 
  • Eco Mode

    It is possible to set the Luxafor Switch also in Eco Mode. This will help to prolong both Cube's and Power Bank's battery life for about.

    To use Eco Mode, press and hold the button at the back of the Switch Cube. Release when Orange color is indicated. 

    The same applies for exiting the Eco Mode.

    When Eco mode is enabled both the Switch Cube unit and the Dot unit will indicate the colors in pulsating (slowly blinking) fashion. When Eco mode is not enabled, both units will indicate in solid colors.

    Understanding the Colour Indicators 

    The Switch Cube has multiple colour indicators and each has a different meaning:

    • Green running pattern - Scanning Regime. Switch Cube is scanning for Luxafor Dot units nearby. 
    • Red running pattern - Connecting Regime. Switch Cube is establishing a connection with a Luxafor Dot unit. 
    • Purple upon long-pressing the button - You can now release the button and the Switch Cube will turn off.
    • Orange upon long-pressing the button - You can now release the button and the Eco Mode will be turned on/ off.

    Additional Remarks

    • If the Switch Cube can’t find any Luxafor Dot units nearby during the Scanning or Connecting Regimes within 1 minute, it will turn off. To turn it back on again, press the button at the back of the Luxafor Switch Cube. Find the nearby unit by waiting for 1 minute in the Scanning or Connecting Regimes. 
    • If the battery level for the Switch Cube is extremely low, it is possible that when starting the charging process, the device will not turn on immediately. It will charge for a short period of time and once it has enough power, it will turn on and operate normally.
    • The Switch Cube can connect to only one Dot at a time.
    • The Luxafor Switch is a stand-alone device and does not interact with any software. Accordingly, it is not possible to control it from any other device and it cannot be customised to set other colours. 
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