Payments within the Luxafor Online shop


All pricing on our online store is shown in USD (U.S. Dollars) and EUR (Euros).

Types of payment

In our online shop, you can make payments by using your  credit card or PayPal account. 
The supported credit card types: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Maestro, JCB.
If you would prefer to pay for the goods with a Bank Transfer please contact our sales managers. 
Please note that a pre-payment is required before receiving the commercial invoice and goods. An official agreement can be made in case if the pre-payment is impossible or the customer has other limitations regarding the purchase. For more information, please  contact our sales managers

Taxes and additional charges

We are not responsible for additional charges you may incur as a result of international duties for shipping your goods. 
The payments are being transferred and processed according to EU law. That includes taxes and potential tax exemptions. 
If you are based in a European country and would like to include your EU VAT number in the invoice, please  contact our sales managers.   

All questions related to Payments and orders that are not covered in our Knowledge Base can be sent to our sales support via email to

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