Luxafor Mute Button Troubleshooting

Before you reach out to our support team for any assistance please make sure you have followed the basic steps for the Mute Button to work properly:

  • Place the button on a surface where you are going to use it and then connect it to your computer using the USB cable included;
  • Mute Button must be operated from the Luxafor Mute Button app or with the physical device only;
  • The device controls the microphone via System Settings. Make sure that the microphone is on a list of input devices. Headphones, or speakers - at output devices.
  • Mute software and video conferencing app's microphone must match the input device in the System Settings.

Luxafor Mute Button interacts on hardware, not app level, and connects and disconnects the microphone via System Settings. The mute status is indicated in Luxafor software, and with the light on the device, and must be operated from the Luxafor app or with the physical device. If the video conference app's software does not track the system's mute position - it is not represented in its software UI (meaning the mute/unmute icons do not change and another way round).

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