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We are thrilled to announce the completion of our latest Luxafor software update for Windows! This update brings an integrated functionality with Microsoft Teams in "Teams Only" mode! With the transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, many users were unable to display their status, as Microsoft did not allow access to the presence information through our previous integration with Skype for Business.

Our new software update for Windows enables Luxafor devices to change colors based on the user's Microsoft Teams presence status. During a call, the Luxafor devices will flash red and purple. If you want to show your Microsoft Teams presence/availability status via Luxafor Flag or Luxafor Bluetooth, you’ll find this information very useful!

If you are looking for ways to connect Luxafor Flag or Luxafor Bluetooth to Microsoft Teams in any other Coexistence modes, please refer to this article.


1. Connect Luxafor device.
2. Download and install the latest Luxafor software version for Windows here.

3. Open the "Microsoft Teams" tab in Luxafor software and login with your Teams account.
Luxafor Teams
4. Open Microsoft Teams (download it here if not installed on your computer yet).
Luxafor Software for Microsoft Teams Only availability status visual indicators
5. Log into your Microsoft Teams account.
6. Go to "Settings" in Microsoft Teams and ensure "Register Teams as the chat app for Office" is enabled.
Microsoft Teams integration with Luxafor Do Not Disturb Lights
7. Enjoy! Your Luxafor device is now connected to your Microsoft Teams account in "Teams Only" mode and includes these

  • Indicates your availability status on Luxafor device according to Teams status;
  • Flashes red and purple for the whole duration of a call;
  • Changes back to indicate the color of your status immediately after the call has ended.

If the Luxafor device is not flashing red during a call, try "Reset status" function in Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Teams integration with Luxafor Do Not Disturb Lights
If this doesn’t help, please contact Microsoft Teams support about
presence status issues.

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