New Microsoft Teams troubleshooting

Here are a few steps you can take to resolve this issue:

Update your Luxafor Software: You can find this information in the app's Help - About section. Download the latest software on our website, Microsoft store, and Apple store (the latest is + for Win, 2.3.0.+ for Mac)

Reauthorize Luxafor in Teams: Have the end-user log out of the Microsoft Teams section in the Luxafor app, then log back in to prompt a new authorization request. This can often resolve permission-related issues.

Check Teams Privacy Settings: Ensure that the privacy settings in Microsoft Teams are configured to allow external apps like Luxafor to access status information.

Review App Permissions: In the Teams admin center (if using such), check that the Luxafor app is approved and has the necessary permissions to interact with Teams.

If the issue persists after trying these steps, please contact our support providing additional information such as:

  • The operation system you are using;
  • Any specific error messages that appear when attempting to sync the Teams status with the Luxafor device;
  • Whether this issue occurs for multiple users or if it's isolated to a single user;
  • What antivirus are you using on your computer;
  • Screenshots or videos that you believe might be helpful.

FYI: There's a minor issue with the Microsoft Store where it doesn't display the "update" option, even when a newer version is available. If you're using Windows, kindly uninstall the app, then proceed to download and reinstall it.

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