Installing LuxaforApp with Command Line Switches

This article explains how to install Luxafor App using command line switches. These switches are similar to the ones used for standard MSI installers.

Supported Switches:

Luxafor App installers (both MSI and EXE) support at least the /quiet (or /q) switch for silent installation. This means the installation process will run in the background without any user prompts.

MSI vs. EXE Installers:

  • MSI Installer:
    • Uses the msiexec.exe command with additional switches like /i (install).
    • Example:
msiexec.exe /i /q LuxaforApp-Installer-
  • EXE Installer:
    • Uses the installer's executable name directly with switches like /i (install).
    • Example:
LuxaforApp-Installer- /i /q

Important Notes:

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