Luxafor Bluetooth setup and use

Connecting Luxafor Dot to a Computer

  1. Download and install Luxafor desktop software for your OS from
  2. When the Power Bank unit is fully charged, plug the Luxafor Dot unit into the Power Bank. 
  3. Remove the plastic from the double-sided tape that is on the magnet and attach the magnet to the surface on which you would like to place the Luxafor Dot with the Power Bank. (Bluetooth range without obstacles - 25 m (82 feet)).
  4. Launch Luxafor software on your computer.
  5. Plug the Dongle in the computer from which you will be controlling your Luxafor device.
  6. Wait for the devices to connect.

Connecting Luxafor Dot to an Android Device

  1. Check if your Android version is no older than Android 5 (Lollipop). 
  2. Download the app to your device from
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile device.
  4. Open the app and press “Connect”.
  5. Choose the closest “Luxafor Dot” from the list.
  6. Wait for the devices to connect.

Important remarks

  • Before the first use make sure that your Power Bank is properly charged. Feel free to check the charging guidelines HERE
  • Always plug the Luxafor Dot unit into the Power Bank first, and the Dongle unit into the computer afterward.
  • It can take up to 2 minutes for the devices to connect. When the devices are not connected, the Dot unit will blink red every 2 seconds waiting for connection and the Dongle unit will blink in the color you have set in the software every 5 seconds.
  • If you happen to experience any problems with your Luxafor Bluetooth device here are the basic troubleshooting steps that will help you understand if you have encountered a serious issue.
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