Luxafor Flag technical specifications and requirements

What is Luxafor Flag?

Luxafor Flag is an electronic device that shows the user's availability status with the help of colored LED lights. 

Most of the Luxafor Flags are being used in open-office-type environments, however, it is not uncommon to use them in a more creative way. The device itself is rather simple and skilled professionals can adjust not only colors but also technical integrations and usage per se according to their needs. 
If you are a developer and instead of already created solutions you would be interested to tailor your Luxafor device according to your individual preferences feel free to reach out to our team for the technical details and assistance by writing an email to
Technical parameters of the Luxafor Flag device:
  • Dimensions: 48 x 15 x 34 mm (1.88 x 0.59 x 1.33" )
  • Weight: 8g 
  • Light: 6 x RGB LEDs
  • Power: USB cable
  • Consumption: Up to 0.5 W
  • Usage Prerequisites: Requires Luxafor Software to be installed and launched on your computer

Upon the purchase of the device you will receive:

  • 1x Luxafor Flag
  • 1x USB Data Cable (with micro-USB on one end and USB-A on the other)*
  • 1x Magnet with double-sided tape

*There are two USB cable lengths - 0.5 m (20”) and 1.5 m (60”), therefore, make sure you choose the one that fits you best!

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