Luxafor Flag setup and use

Luxafor Flag setup

Luxafor Flag is a simple electronic device that shows the user's availability status with the help of colored LED lights. To ensure that you are fully familiar with the device you can take a look at the technical specifications HERE. It is important to note that for Luxafor Flag to work you will need to install the appropriate Luxafor Software. Check HERE to see if your computer OS is compatible with any of the Luxafor software versions.

To start using your Luxafor Flag device all you need to do is to follow a few steps:

1. Download and install Luxafor desktop software for your OS from

2. Remove the plastic from the double-sided tape that is on the magnet and attach the magnet to any surface on which you would like to place your Luxafor Flag, such as your laptop, cubicle partition, etc.

3. Launch Luxafor software on your computer.

4. Connect Luxafor Flag to your computer using the USB cable included.

5. Choose the integration according to your needs.

NB! A freshly attached magnet can be removed and replaced to any other surface without leaving any trace, however, if you will try to remove it after a while it is possible that the glue will leave stains and the magnet will not come off so easily. Also, if the magnet has been attached to a certain surface for a longer period of time, most likely it will not stick to another surface or the connection will be very weak.

If you notice any deviations or visible damages while unpacking the device please contact our Customer Support by following the instructions below and our team will make sure to assist you at the earliest possible convenience!

How to report issues

If the troubleshooting steps did not help and the issue still persists or your issue is very specific, please follow the guidelines below to report the issue in a way that will allow us to resolve it ASAP.

In the contact form (accessible by pressing "Contact Us" below or "Contact" and the top right corner of the window):

  1. Please provide your name and company (if applicable);

  2. In the "Message" space please describe the issue with as many details as possible. The description should include (but not limited to) answers to the following questions: 

    1. Was the purchase made on our online shop or on Amazon? 

    2. Is this a physical or a software issue? 

    3. Which troubleshooting steps you have made already? 

    4. If this is a software issue - which OS you are using? 

    5. Your order number (if applicable) and date;

  3. Please provide any physical evidence (print screens, pictures, videos) where the issue can be seen clearly. If the report is about a connection, a video should be taken on how the device reacts exactly at the moment of the connection. If the issue involves both Luxafor software and Luxafor hardware - both parts should be clearly seen in the video in a way that best describes the issue.

Please note, that upon necessity we might ask additional questions to clarify the details of the situation. Your cooperation and patience during the investigation process are much appreciated!

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