Luxafor Power Bank Battery Duration

The battery duration for Luxafor Power Bank varies depending on multiple variables, including the colors used, the brightness of LEDs, and if used continuously or infrequently.

Here are the average data about our Luxafor Power Bank battery life based on our internal measurements:

Luxafor Bluetooth

  • Maximum brightness, continuous use: from ~25h (white, cyan, magenta, and other mixed colors) to ~53 h (RGB)
  • Minimum brightness, continuous use: ~133 h for all colors

Tip: If you would like to increase the battery life of your Luxafor Power Bank, decrease the brightness level in the Luxafor Software 

Luxafor Switch

  • Power Bank and Dot: ~50 h
  • Switch Cube: ~32h 
Tip: If you and your colleagues do not mind the light signal to be pulsating instead of being static, you may switch to Eco mode which will allow you to save energy for a few additional hours of working time. 

Additional Remarks

  • When not in use, disconnect the Dot unit from the Power Bank to ensure the longest battery duration on one charge.
  • Try not to use a computer for charging your Power Bank as it may result in slow and inefficient charging and the Power Bank might not be able to charge completely. Additional Power Bank charging guidelines can be found HERE
  • If the device is turned off but the Dot will still be attached to the Power Bank it will use the energy to ensure it can be discovered next time the Luxafor Bluetooth Dongle or Switch Cube will be available for connection.
  • If you encounter any problems with Power Bank charging or notice any deviations during the usage please contact our technical support and provide all necessary information as shown below.

How to report issues

If the troubleshooting steps did not help and the issue still persists or your issue is very specific, please follow the guidelines below to report the issue in a way that will allow us to resolve it ASAP.

In the contact form (accessible by pressing "Contact Us" below or "Contact" and the top right corner of the window):

  1. Please provide your name and company (if applicable);

  2. In the "Message" space please describe the issue with as many details as possible. The description should include (but not limited to) answers to the following questions: 

    1. Was the purchase made on our online shop or on Amazon? 

    2. Is this a physical or a software issue? 

    3. Which troubleshooting steps you have made already? 

    4. If this is a software issue - which OS you are using? 

    5. Your order number (if applicable) and date;

  3. Please provide any physical evidence (print screens, pictures, videos) where the issue can be seen clearly. If the report is about a connection, a video should be taken on how the device reacts exactly at the moment of the connection. If the issue involves both Luxafor software and Luxafor hardware - both parts should be clearly seen in the video in a way that best describes the issue.

Please note, that upon necessity we might ask additional questions to clarify the details of the situation. Your cooperation and patience during the investigation process are much appreciated!

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